in the end I wanna be standing
at the beginning with you

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my favorite part about elementary is when sherlock starts to get out of control and joan just throws her hands up and just yells, “that’s it, go to the car!” or gives him money to the vending machine. and then you expect him to just brush it off and keep yelling, but then the scene cuts to him sulking by the car moodily or munching on a bag of cookies in the hallway dejectedly. 

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I got a little carried away answering this, sorry…

I take my EUs of my longest and most beloved fandom very seriously.

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Everyone wants to fuck you. It’s not about being held, or being a source of comfort. It’s about getting it, what ever the it may be for them. It’s about stumbling over each other’s words and feelings until it’s all sensation or success. 

I don’t want that. I want it all. I want sensation and compassion. I want intense comfort, and soft love. I don’t want to love someone, I want to be in love with someone. 

To fall in love with each other at the same time. 

I want the day to come to an end in each other’s arms. If only for an hour. If only while we watch the news at night, or sit on the couch and share a cup of tea. I want you to hold me on your lap as I cry, or laugh, or make you laugh. I want to cradle your head when you cry or are tired or sore.

I want to show my love in giving you back scratches, in massages. I want to give you my love in kisses, and whispers. In dinners and breakfasts. In small errands we run for each other. In the end of the day moments when we aren’t separate entities but one unit. 

Hurt people hurt people. 

They don’t think about the love, or the lust. They think about what they want. Nothing more. Everyone wants to fuck you, but very few people want to hold you. 

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